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Simply The Best Cookie Recipes

Equipment and Pantry Items

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Basic Equipment and Pantry Staples

Here is a list containing some basic baking equipment to begin:

Baking sheets
Various sized mixing bowls
Note:These can usually be obtained from a discount store for less than $3 for a set of small, medium and large.
Mixing spoons
Measuring cups and spoons
Note:You may want to look for these at the discount store also. I usually find really nice ones at the dollar stores for a buck!
Rubber spatulas/scrapers

Staples for Your Pantry

Here are some main ingredients you may want to stock since they are the norm in most baking recipes. Even though I have not added Spices, you may want to pick up various types (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and any others you find to your liking)

* Baking soda
* Baking powder
* Eggs
* Vanilla extract (other flavors are good to have also)
* Flour: All purpose, cake and bread
* Milk: Powdered and evaporated
* Sugar: Granulated, light and dark brown and confectioner's
* Yeast dry active (be sure to check the expiration date!)

Cookies for you and cookies for me!